Join in Some Fun "In the Night Sky"

One of our favorite At-Home Summer Nature Camp weekly themes this summer was In the Night Sky. Led by camp counselor Sarah of Imagine Childhood, we created Batik Star Maps, Honey Popcorn Planets and a Star Pin Board. We took a virtual field trip to outer space in homemade cardboard box rockets. We ate astronaut ice cream. And we read constellation myths and night sky stories. (Still to come, we have gathered all our supplies to build our own telescope!)
Need a few fun & easy activities as the summer grows shorter, and the days with kiddos at home grow longer? Explore the night sky with some of our camp counselors... In the summer Imagine Childhood catalog, Sarah featured the Star Mobile and Pins craft that was in the eCurriculum. On her site Jump Into a Book, Valarie jumped into a few stories from a summer night sky, exploring books she recommended for this weekly camp theme. Plus, she offers a bonus constellation mandala craft and a little fun instruction on sky navigation. Finally, take a virtual field trip into space, planned by myself, with this sample page from the eCurriculum (click image below to download).
Have fun exploring!

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