Sundae Morning

The kids love making yogurt sundaes... sweet, simple goodness, all layered up in a way that suits them. We like to enjoy these on slow mornings, or for a mid-day snack. Of course, they'd make a great dessert too. Setting out a variety of ingredients and encouraging kids to serve themselves gives them a sense of control - something I believe my particular eaters are always jockeying for at mealtime. Use mason jars, or clear juice glasses, so you can see the layers (and control the portion size!).

Your imagination's the limit when it comes to ingredients for yogurt sundaes. Here are a few of our favorites: organic vanilla yogurt, homemade granola, fresh berries, nuts, dark chocolate chips, organic cinnamon crunch cereal, whipped cream, crystallized ginger and dried fruit.


Rachel G said...

What a lovely idea! We nearly always have these ingredients in the house - just never thought of making a celebration of them! Thank you, Liz.

liz said...

Yes,Rachel,it's always surprising to me the little things that little ones get excited about! :-) Enjoy!

Rachel G said...

Did this on Sunday - huge success!! Children LOVED choosing and making layers.