The Shifting Light

I have so much I want to be sharing in this space... but my priorities have needed to be elsewhere the past couple of weeks. I've begun the shift inward that comes with the season. It follows the shifting light, guiding me to snuggle up with my family, to take stock, and to focus some attention on self care.
All of this has been happening, much by circumstance rather than conscious choice. Both my girls took turns being ill over the past two weeks. Each one was home for days burning off high fevers and nursing sore throats. The timing couldn't have been worse as I juggled a big deadline and photo shoot, the beginning of a 10-day cleanse (for that evasive self-care), and other stuff. You know, stuff.
In between the girls'  illnesses, our sweet bunny Sandy suddenly faced an unexpected and rapid decline. A late night visit to the emergency vet was followed by a sorrowful, yet oh-so-sweet burial in our backyard. We are all feeling her absence deeply. She left us, and her sweet mate Marshmallow, way too soon.
And so this past weekend brought wellness all around. Big deadlines were put to bed. My cleanse was well under way. Yet I was grumpy, drained, wiped out... My tuned-in hubby brilliantly suggested a sunset trip to the beach. This is like a soothing balm for my soul. For all our souls.
The powder white sand between my toes, the rhythm of the waves rolling in, the smell of the salty air. And the Autumn light. Oh, the light. My eyes and my camera followed its illumination from the moment we hit the path to the shore. It quietly bathed all I love in its warm glow, then dropped, a ball of fire, into the Gulf.
I'm emerging from the past two weeks changed. I'm following the shift, watching to see where it guides me. The busy-ness of the season is here, and I want to be present for its joys, for me, for my family. I want to be writing too. Here, in my journal, elsewhere.
I am needed in many spaces, so I will be in this one as often as I can be. I hope you'll keep meeting me here. And I'd love for you to join in the conversation, whenever you feel moved to do so.
xoxo  - Liz


TheSwedeLife said...

Love to see favorite people, and a favorite place, in glorious living color like a travel brochure. Happy Sunset.

liz said...

Thank you mama!

Kim said...

Beautiful! Nature is such a balm for the soul :)

liz said...

Nice to hear from you Kim. I hope you and your family are well.

Rachel G said...

Good to see you back! Loved your thoughts on the shift inward - ours begins with buttered crumpets in front of the first open fire of autumn.

liz said...

Thanks for saying hello Rachel! Hmmm, crumpets and an open fire sound perfect!