The Tour :: Office/Studio Part II

As promised, a tour of my cleaned-up, fixed up office/studio, all ready to house new creative growth this spring. I finally put up shelves above my project desk to hold all of our family arts and crafts supplies. Of course, a little inspiration is peppered in too.
I love this over sized chair, handed down to me from my parents. It makes a great spot to read and journal. The big blank wall behind it is where we will hang our treasure maps.My desk is finally clear of clutter and I believe the chalkboard mural is the greatest part of the redo! Hope you enjoyed the tour. Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

WOW! I am WAY impressed and can't wait to see it in person--and see what it manifests!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea with those glass jars! That space is looking mighty cozy, mamabird.

eringoodman said...

oooooo...thank you! i LOVE peeking into creative people's workspace!!!

so inspiring!

i really love the chalkboard!!!

Anonymous said...

love the post and the room xo Mother

Liquid Pen said...

I dreamt about your office last night...It looked so tidy and there were white shovels mounted on the walls....one for you and on the table a tiny one in a box for Sage. Hmmmm