Welcoming Spring

It was a celebration of Spring all weekend, starting Saturday at our downtown Farmer's Market, where Sage stopped to smell the flowers.... ...and Selby picked out a Spring addition for her garden. I ogled the lovely spring bounty of asparagus, delicate baby greens, herbs and mushrooms.Our delight in the season continued with a picnic by the bay front, where Sage sampled some fresh sprouts. After lunch there was playground fun......seed collecting... ...and a walk down to the water.
Sunday consisted of some spring cleaning projects, including re-potting most of our house plants.We also worked on Selby's seed project for preschool. Over the past week, she's collected a dozen different seeds from outside and in the kitchen. She glued them into an egg carton, ready to be labeled. The lesson: seeds are everywhere.Bright flowers, tender produce, sunny bay breezes, rich soil and seeds - welcome Spring!


Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

oh the sun light, oh its still cold here in the UK so thank you for sharing your warmth with us

eringoodman said...

ahhhh....so beautiful and inspiring. thank you.

Erin said...

Hi! What a pretty blog. I love all things birds and nests. :) I am also digging the fresh produce, especially the asparagus.. yum!