Pink & Green

My oldest chick Selby was home from preschool with pink eye yesterday. So to honor Earth Day, we sneaked off to the mall for the premiere of the first film in the DisneyNature series, Earth.

The movie followed a year in the life of three animal families. We both really enjoyed it! I especially appreciated the way the film focused on how the mama elephant, whale and polar bear nurtured, protected and guided their little ones. What a beautiful reminder of how united we are with everything on our planet.

Before the movie, we grabbed a bite to eat at Chick-Fil-A and in her kid's meal, Selby received a Ranger Rick Outdoor Family Fun Guide full of easy, creative ideas to help families celebrate and care for the Earth.

Back at home, Selby crafted her own Earth from a paper lantern and stickers.
It was the perfect touch for the girls' al fresco dinner in our front courtyard.

I'm looking forward to many more "green" days this Spring, full of gardening and outdoor play. And with any luck, no more "pink" (eye, that is).

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