Prayer Flags - Part I, The Process

It was a special New Moon Circle last Friday night as my sisters and I gathered at the home of one of our soon-expecting mamas to welcome the Taurus moon. After the smudging and candle lighting rituals, we opened our circle and shared our intentions for the new lunar cycle. As a group, we called for JOY.

After the ceremony closed, we remained in circle and began work on our prayer flags. Like women have done for generations before us, we fell into a rhythm, creating our handiwork side by side, while sharing stories and offering each other support.

It was so fun to watch each woman's creative process take form; each set of flags is sure to be truly unique. Kenji braided hemp to string her hand painted, multi-colored flags upon:

The Snail hand-carved her own block print (see her finished flags here):

And a whole lot of fabric cutting, design layout and truly mindful crafting was underway.

Check back later in the week to see some of the finished flags blowing in the wind.


Rose said...

Looks like fun! Wish I could have been there...

I started cutting out my flags last night.

kangaroo said...

It was so much fun, and I can't thank you enough for suggesting this mindful craft. For two moons running you have kept us all focused! Well done!

eringoodman said...

i love what you are doing. mindful crafting, gathering in circle...powerful stuff my friend!

Alisa said...

I wish I was one of your friends! It looks like fun! I went to a great overnight retreat held by Veriditas, Dreaming the Sacred Feminine, at the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. It was wonderful!