I hope the visionary doesn't mind me sharing this image of the beautiful tile she created for our friend the Swede Mama. It is so perfect for my ramblings today... and a perfect mantra for the times.

There is not a mother (or father for that fact) I know right now who isn't completely in over their head trying to balance children, work, household responsibilities & chores, finances, friends & family... the list goes on and on. While this madness is sure to pass, it's sometimes hard to see past the moment. And often, the moment feels insurmountable.

When I find myself dwelling in that crazy place, I breathe myself back to calm and remind myself nothing lasts and nothing is perfect. And I search (sometimes very deeply) for the positive. The wise ways of two fellow mamas has helped lately. As Erin reminds us in weekly posts, I look at each challenging situation and try to see "what's working" as opposed to what's not. Another dear friend suggests asking "what's good about this?" when difficulties arise.

Both of these exercises force the brain to recognize the positive and abandon any negative mind states. Both help me return to being mindful. And I really felt both were worth sharing here.

Today, one breath at a time, I am seeking out the positive. What about you?


Liquid Pen said...
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Mothering Two said...
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kangaroo said...

Sounds like you did a great job staying positive, breathing one breath at a time. Those reminders exist, but acting on them is where the real mindfulness begins--good job.

Mothering Two said...

After my day yesterday... I realized that I was writing out my long winded response to you because *I* needed that list! of ways to deal. LOL! Thanx for moving me in that direction. and creating the space for me to write that out. sorry for rambling on your blog but it always gets me thinking, and I'm a bit of a rambler. as you can see. :)

Nicole said...

I have pleasantly stumbled upon your lovely space her by clicking on a link from Laura's blog and just want to say thank your for the sweet reminders and inspiration...these tidbits from other mamas really help keep me going sometimes!