A Colorful Day

Today we went on a tour of local, outdoor festivals. The day started at the "Avenida de Colores" Chalk Festival, where street-painters transformed a downtown street into a gallery of art.

The theme for the festival was Flora, the sensual goddess of spring.

The kids got their hands dirty at a children's chalk area!

Next, we were off to the Celebrating Wellness Fest to join some friends and listen to our favorite local band, Radio-Free Carmela & The Transmitters. Carmela is a woman of many talents; not only is she a fabulous musician, she also assisted in the home births of many of the babies in my village (including Selby) and teaches AquaNatal and childbirth education classes.

Of course, no tour of festivals would be complete without a little face painting!

What a bright & beautiful day.

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eringoodman said...

beautiful. beautiful. beautiful.