Modern-Day Wise Women

Today is the International Day of the Midwife, a day to celebrate midwifery and bring awareness to the importance of midwives' work. Having birthed two babies at home with Licensed Midwives, I was honored for the opportunity to pay tribute to my midwives and advocate for normal, natural and healthy birth in the inaugural Florida Friends of Midwives newsletter and as a guest blogger on Born in Sarasota.

My small article offers a glimpse of my youngest daughter Sage's birth story and the two midwives who helped bring her into the world. I hope you will read it and tell me what you think. And I hope you will take a moment to recognize the midwives in your life and community. If you don't know any, honor them today by learning about the Midwives Model of Care, which supports and protects the normal birth process and puts mom & baby first.
Throughout most of the world and most of history, women have labored and birthed with midwives. Whether birthing at home, in the hospital or at a birth center, I truly believe modern midwives are our strongest link in preserving and improving mother-centered maternity care.

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Kangaroo said...

so beautifully said--and of course i couldn't possibly agree more. i finished putting the slideshow together last night and cried many times watching so much knowledge being passed between so many hands, from generation to generation, culture to culture. these are ancient secrets that truly are needed now more than ever. if we lose normal birth, what next?

thank you so much for your birth story. i hope that many mamas will gain a bit of their own power from reading it, and that your midwives feel the gratitude and honor you pay them for their role in sage's sweet birth.