Day 14 :: Self Kindness & Stretching

"Yoga is about compassion and generosity towards others. It means being mindful of the world around us." - Christy Turlington

At the advice of my acupuncturist, and the inspiration of my dear friend Rose, I got up this morning and did a little yoga. The day was just beginning to peek through the windows as I stretched out on the floor. My littlest chick climbed all about me, sprinkling cereal bits around my head, and then finally settling out next to me. The rest of the house slept quietly.

Oh, how long has it been since I stretched my poor body? I could feel the tightness in my muscles, the resistance in my back and legs. But as I moved, I began to feel something a little different. It started to feel, well, good! I felt everything begin to give a little, and a new energy began to course through my body. My closing meditation resulted in more of a lap-sitting session with the babe; but that's OK. I felt physically balanced, mentally centered and ready for the day.

Tonight, before I turn in, I plan to do another short practice, stretching the tensions of the day back out of my body. Stretching that small, quiet space in my mind until it fills me completely. And, ultimately, deepening the loving-kindness I show to myself in order to better show it to others, which speaks to the very heart of compassion.


Kangaroo said...

good for you mama! i SO need to get back into this mindful practice. i will make that intention, being compassionate with myself if i don't meet my expectations!

Rose said...

Congratulations! I think that morning yoga gets my blood moving and sets a peaceful tone for the day.

And what a great idea. I may just have to start doing a bit of yoga in the evening to unwind.