Day 18 :: Checking In

I'm 18 days into putting my attention, daily, on cultivating compassion. I haven't written about it here every day because some days it's just too heavy. Or too personal for such a public forum. Or, I simply can't figure out how to translate my experiences into words. What I can say is that, so far, focusing my awareness on compassion has required me to further soften and open my heart. And while this opening has allowed space to experience a deeper level of pleasure, it has created an equal space for experiencing pain.

I'm suddenly acutely aware of my own suffering, the suffering of others, and how our well being is all so very interconnected. I've been both overwhelmed by the responsibility we hold for one another and ourselves, and comforted by our unity.

I'm learning that practicing compassion is truly work of the heart. It's a willingness to open our hearts fully, joyfully and without judgment to both pleasure and pain. It's a readiness to respond with kindness. And, ultimately, it's a commitment to loving - ourselves and each other - deeply, unconditionally and completely.

If you're following along on this journey, please check in and share what you're learning about compassion. I'd love to hear from you!


Kangaroo said...

check out my last post. you're definitely making me more aware of opportunities to find compassion in my own daily practice.

you have gone far in this journey, and are not afraid to appreciate opening yourself to all emotions--a very, very hard thing to accomplish.

Rose said...


I've been trying to communicate with my husband in a more compassionate way. When he comes home from work stressed or grouchy, I try to see his mood for what it is, rather than assuming his mood is directed at me. When I take a step back and realize that he's suffering, I can do my best to speak with love and compassion, rather than snapping back at him on mere reflex.