Day 9 :: Random Acts of Kindness

The Law of Attraction has been hard at work over here. I put it out there to practice compassion and the opportunities to do so have been falling at my feet ever since. I've spent the past few days performing random acts of kindness; a few for myself and many for others. For me: some extra much-needed rest, a new book, accepting some extra childcare. For others: hospital visits, long phone conversations, homemade muffin deliveries.

The acts of kindness seem to be contagious. Yesterday, a work crew of family showed up at another family member's house to help out. In a few hours, together, we had:

:: fixed a long-broken toilet
:: painted a room
:: replaced a long-broken ceiling light fixture
:: flipped a mattress
:: moved furniture around
:: cleaned some hard-to-reach areas

Something more than handiwork was shared at this gathering. It was a deep understanding and communal desire to support another in a difficult time. It was an unspoken recognition that we are all connected; a gentle reminder that we are never really alone. It was an outpouring of love and compassion.

This weekend, the opportunities for kindness continue, including bringing a meal to a dear friend's house in honor of the glorious arrival of a new baby girl and the inevitable foggy days & nights that followed her into this world.

I'll meet you back here on Monday, with the first of a series of posts that have been brewing on Kindness to Self. Happy Weekending!


eringoodman said...

liz...i just love what you are doing for yourself, for your friends and family, and for all of us who are reading along and being inspired.

thank you!

The Obidee said...

Hi Liz, my hope is that you know the joy that comes with growing deeper in your alignment with the LOA. I have a slightly different spin on Random Acts of Kindness. Don't get me wrong, there are great benefits for all in the sort of thing you are doing. For me, "Random" implies anonymity, doing something totally unexpected for a stranger, not for any other reason than you can and you are one with them.

Anonymous said...

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