Day 6 :: Counting My Blessings

"On this New Moon of love, we must accept the responsibility to cultivate the intention for living each day as a loving, heartful, mindfully, compassionate being." - Lisa Dale Miller

Last night, in the shadow of another New Moon in Cancer and a total solar eclipse, my moon sisters and I strung gratitude beads. Gratitude beads are used to keep your mind focused while meditating upon the things you are grateful for. You hold the string of beads in your hand and reflect upon a blessing in your life (silently or out loud) for each one as you move it down the strand. I love the earthy beauty of all of our beads, which somehow seem to reflect our individual essences.
I fashioned my gratitude beads in my "colors of joy" palette, using a combination of wooden, semiprecious stone and glass beads. At each end of my strand, I created a loop from which I hung a symbolic charm. One end features a small, antique silver Quan Yin to remind me to practice compassion. From the other end hangs a sweet, silver bird, there to remind me to rise above and access my Buddha Nature.

Today, I'm so very grateful for the beautiful, spiritual women in my life with which I have the opportunity to share in mindful crafting and sacred circles like the one we experienced last night. My heart opens wide in their presence, flooded with compassion, gratitude and love.


eringoodman said...

i found myself letting a long sigh as i was reading this and soaking up the beauty of your photographs.

thank you so much for sharing they beauty of your world!!!

Kangaroo said...

my beads are already bringing me pauses in my day when i really need them.

and i am so, so grateful for you all too. mothering would be a whole different ball game without you on my team.

Rose said...

I feel the same way about all of you! We are all so fortunate to have found each other, and to be able to have fun together and "let it all hang out" together.

Thanks for the lovely words. I really look forward to your posts.

asavoryspoonful@gmail.com said...
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asavoryspoonful@gmail.com said...

Hi - I was curious if your interest in beads and their symbolgy was already in place when you were pregnant with Selby? Everytime I read about your beads or their significance I think about the blessing beads from your shower - how neat! :)

Let me know if you or your family needs Anything... thinking of you guys! love, Cath