Gardening Under Glass

My oldest chick has developed a real affinity for gardening. In fact, her only request from Santa this past Christmas was a gardening set. So when I saw this fairyland terrarium project, I knew we had to make one. It was so enchanting, we made another one for a birthday gift.
We covered the soil in our terrariums with moss from my yard. I've been watching a large patch of it spread across the side of my house this winter. It looks like bright green velvet, so inviting I want run my hands along top of it.
A small succulent is planted amidst the moss (a mini fern or orchid would also work well). The rest is up to your imagination... my gal decorated hers with jewels, shells, rocks and, finally, a sprinkling of 'fairy dust' (craft glitter).

Note: our project was a mix of the fairyland terrarium linked above and this mossy woodland terrarium, from Martha's magazine. I'm about to make another one of these easy mossariums for myself. (I've really got a case for that moss!)


Kangaroo said...

This is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. I can see little action figures finding their way into the jar for imaginations to play with. We may have a couple of these in our house soon, thank you!

Rose said...

What beautiful fairy gardens!

I have had the perfect terrarium jar collecting dust in my bedroom for over a year now. This is just the inspiration I need to get off my behind and actually do it! Thanks!

Liquid Pen said...

The beautiful one my fairy girl got as a gift from your fairy girls...sits on our coffee table. We all love it! Magic awaits