Simple Delight :: Slow-Down Handiwork

It's hard to get little ones to hold still, to slow down now and then. So every so often, I pull out a handiwork project - something to engage little hands and little minds - and just leave it out to be discovered. This week, it was a basket of large wooden beads (found thrifting) and yarn for threading (I wrapped the ends with tape). My little chick went into deep concentration and worked for some time stringing the beads. Then, she delighted in throwing them onto the floor and watching them bounce and roll!

Other good slow-down handiwork projects for little hands I keep in my nest: a small embroidery hoop with kids needles and bright colored embroidery thread, puzzles, modeling clay & play dough, lacing cards and small spray bottles on the back porch for watering flowers.

What slow-down projects do your kids enjoy?


Rose said...

My girl is all about the playdough right now, it's her work for at least an hour a day, maybe more. I also pulled out the lacing beads a few weeks ago, but she's not quite there yet. Of course, my boy's favorite quiet time activity is lego building!

Cate said...

we love to do embroidery, to cook (of course), and to draw maps.