Sustainability & Spirtuality

This inspiring Earth Day post, linking sustainable living and spiritual practice, got me thinking today. Author Gail Straub suggests:

"Sustainable living offers us an ongoing opportunity to practice spiritual mindfulness. Each conscious Earth-friendly act - composting, reusing, recycling, repairing, carpooling, eco-wise shopping and conserving water & energy - is also an act of spiritual mindfulness."

Ah, mindfulness. How you tease me. Sometimes I hold you so close and feel your power. Other times, I'm reaching for you in the fog. This timely article reminded me, once again, how "it is mindfulness that transforms the mundane into the sacred."

So today, Earth Day, I'm reprioritizing my efforts to live sustainably. I'm revisiting ways my family can conserve, reuse & recycle. And I'm recommitting to being mindful - every day, every moment and in every way.

Happy Earth Day!

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elizabeth ~ so wabi sabi said...

how awesome for you to share these links today. these are exactly the things that are going through my consciousness today. Created the sacred from the mundane...in fact I will be doing a talk on just this topic for the mindful connection in May...so reassuring to hear that the energy and momentum for this is out there and timely!