The Perfect Recipe Collection

After much procrastination, I'm taking on the project of organizing my recipes. I don't know how to keep it simple; it's just not in my nature. I want a recipe collection that's functional, creatively put together and pretty to look at. And it has to be organized just right too - I want it to be not only by the type of dish, but by season as well.

A writer by nature, I think it would be nice to include stories with some of the special recipes that have been passed down from family members; or anecdotes about when or how I've served certain favorites. I want room on the recipe pages for new notes, too.

So you can imagine, with all these lofty ideas for the perfect collection, plus a basket stuffed with recipes I've collected over the years, it's a project that has felt just too overwhelming to tackle. But now, for some unknown reason, I feel ready to try.

In searching for ideas of how to make my creative vision into a reality, I found these great vintage-inspired digital images on Digital Two for Tuesday. I was so inspired by the five different ways these images were used to create personalized, artistic recipe collections. (Go to the blog archive for June 2010 and follow the links for the recipe challenge; be sure to visit all 5 days to see all the images offered). Plus, check out this link I found in the comment section to a post I can't read a word of, but her recipe book looks beautiful.

How have you organized your recipes? I'd love to hear your ideas as I get started!


SwedeLife said...

Oh no, holey moley....if I could just manage my family photos, now the idea for recipes to look good??? I have a three rind binder with stickers on it, recipes is not even spelled correctly on the binder, somehow it says recipies.....But darling idea, I bet it will be lots of fun!!! You are doing a bound book like a photo book, right?

Toolie said...

Oh liz, you have described my very recipe fantasy too...I've done it very basic up until now so frustrated by the organization, longing for this very thing you describe-- something that goes along with our garden harvest and season as well as type of meal....I have too many projects way ahead of it,but I will learn from your travels and then follow you when I have the time.