So Long, Sea Treasures

It's about time to clear the summer nature table and make way for Autumn. And as ready as I am to see pumpkins, fall leaves, pinecones and acorns grace our space... it's hard to say goodbye to our summer treasures.

Farewell seashells, driftwood and seagrape leaves. See you next summer sea sponges, coral and oyster shells.

Beautiful feathers, we'll keep you around; I simply can not bear to see you go yet.
What's your nature table full of on these final days of summer?


Heather said...

I think that one of the most beautiful parts of a nature table is getting to the end of the season and being able to reflect back on all the treasures that it held. Looks like you all had a very special summer.

Rose said...

Oh isn't that funny. I was just cleaning up our nature table yesterday. Fall here we come!!

Have any equinox activities planned? I think I'll try my hand at the festival of Michaelmas this year. I think my boy would like it.

SwedeLife said...

Welcome next phase...and the treasures to come.