Planting the Seeds

I'm excited to be participating in Erin Goodman's Planting the Seeds Online Funshop, which began on Monday. I knew I belonged to this group when I read the program is for people who...

…feel stuck or overwhelmed.
…have big (or small) dreams in their heart.
…are embarking on something new.
…need a little help staying on course.
…love creative expression (and glitter glue).
…thrive with gentle, non-judgmental support.

That's me! She created a workshop just for me! This week, we're working on decluttering. That's always big work, and comes at just the right time for me as I'm working to rearrange and reinforce my nest. Last month, we lost our "multi-generational household" status when my parents moved into a place of their own. It was perfect timing for everyone, and while we all appreciate the experience we had under one roof... now we are all enjoying a bit more space.

I've reclaimed my home office and project room and I'm putting my attention on setting it up to truly serve me. To be a space that is just mine. This is a luxury I no longer take for granted! As I prepare the soil of my new space, I'm grateful for Erin's help in keeping me on course. I've got some big (and small) dreams in my heart I'm anxious to nurture. And a few beginning to take root...

I'll be posting about my progress here each week (it's a 3 week program). Feel free to check in on me... and if you don't know Erin, stop by her beautiful blog Exhale. Return to Center. You'll be glad you did!

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Catherine B said...

yay YOU!!!