Summer Inspiration!

Summer is upon us. It's hot, school's out in two days and ... the Summer Issue of two of my favorite publications are live! Find seasonal inspiration for the whole family in the latest issues of:


I'm so honored to be a part of these beautiful magazines. Please stop by and read my articles on Keeping a Mindful Garden Journal and How to Host a Food Swap. I would really love for you to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Happy Friday and Happy Summer!


lauren said...

I really enjoyed your food swap post. I'm going to link to it on our South Jersey Swappers FB page. It was very easy to follow and will give our swappers some great tips! Thanks!! -Lauren

Heather said...

We loved having you join us for another edition of ROTH :).

Helen said...

LOVE your article about food swapping! Thank you so much for sharing this. Your photos are beautiful as well. Any chance you could share an image of the swapper sheets- I'm not sure I completely understand that part.

My family was part of a small food co-op store that recently had to close, so I'm thinking of contacting some of the former members to see if they'd be into this idea. Thanks again!

Liz ~ A Natural Nester said...

Helen - send me your email at liz@sniegocki.com and I will send you the file. :-)