Feathers, Through the Eyes of an Artist

The other day, I made my husband do a u-turn and pull over to the side of the road so I could collect a hawk feather I'd spotted from my window. I simply had to have it. I've been collecting feathers for years; there's something about finding one upon my path that delights me beyond reason. I cherish these beautiful gifts from nature, each one carrying its own symbolic message. So I was happy to share my collection with my mother last week for an art lesson with the kids.
She had each child pick out a a few feathers they liked and showed them how to sketch them with pencil, starting with the quill. Next, they created the outline of the feather's shape, or the vane. Finally, they used colored pencils and watercolor to add details and color. The picture up top was done by my talented nine-year-old nephew; and my own little artist painted this sweet pink and brown feather (maybe from a young ibis?).
An artist by profession, my mother began capturing some petite, downy plumes, as well as a colorful peacock feather, for a new series of feather paintings (available on her Etsy shop very soon!).
My mother had me creating art inspired by nature from a very young age, a lesson she is now handing down to her grandchildren. Her teachings encourage children (of all ages) to start looking at their environment through the eyes of an artist, allowing them to connect to it on a deeper level. With these creative eyes, the shapes, colors, textures and patterns of nature just jump out at you whenever you're outdoors, begging your attention. Like a feather on the side of the road, just waiting to be noticed...


Anonymous said...

hmm. i think your daughter is THE artist in the family. very nice drawing.

Anonymous said...

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