Wet Felted Snakes & Rocks

Last summer, I gifted my eldest a wet felting kit for her birthday. Our first project - felted snakes - turned out to be our last. It was a bit frustrating for my little chicks, then 3 and 7, requiring a lot of rubbing and rolling and patience. The finished snakes were super cute and got a lot of play. But the felting supplies were tucked away for another day.
So, a year gone by, I pulled the basket of wool roving back down this week with an easier project in mind - felted rocks. Together, my girls and I watched a video on how it was done. We gathered rocks from out back and started the process. My youngest dropped out after about five squeezes of her wool-wrapped, soapy, wet rock. And my other gal, well she stuck it out to complete one. I, on the other hand, thought it was great fun and went on to do three of my own! I really like they way they look and feel.
The girls are enjoying making scenes and playing with the snakes and rocks. And the felted rocks will be beautiful on a nature table, or displayed in a basket. It's a great, easy project for a crafty mama. And a nice patience builder for little ones who will sit still long enough!

Click the links above for tutorials on wet felted rocks & stones.

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