Whoooweee it is HOT outside. It's so hot, I can't even think straight. All day, I've been sitting at my computer trying to work, but my mind won't focus. I keep looking out the window.... daydreaming of cooler days to come, the fall garden...  Right now, my garden is nearly deserted. Only three things are still growing despite the heat... herbs, hot peppers and flowers.
I have several Santa Fe Grande hot pepper plants all flaming now in shades of gold, orange and red. I'll be harvesting them this weekend to make Hot Pepper Mustard, based on this recipe, preserving a bit of this summer heat!
I refer to my flower beds as "my cutting garden" - it makes me feel very proper and fancy! Right now they're boasting the same hot hues with Indian blankets, sunflowers, zinnias, and a even a few mini roses. Unlike me, these girls are loving the heat! I run outside with my clippers, snip off their beautiful blooms and retreat back to the coolness of the indoors, bringing a bit of the garden in with me.
I, myself, feel like I'm starting to wilt... I say it every year: August in southwest Florida is only fit for floating in water or holing up in some serious AC! (Look what I posted almost exactly one year ago today!) I can't wait to be back outside, digging in the soil, putting seedlings into the ground. For now, I nurture my seedling trays, which are all set up inside, under lights. A perfect reminder that fall is just around the corner!


SwedeLife said...

Oh my. We built a fire in the fireplace last night during our movie.

Liz ~ A Natural Nester said...

Thanks SwedeLife... rub it in! :-) Don't worry, you'll be sweating again soon!