Many Moons :: New Moon

Many Moons
1 week old

15 months

Fifteen moons have come and gone since the birth of my littlest chick. It hit me this week that my baby is flying into little-girl hood at high speed. She's communicating clearly, playing imaginatively, loving openly and truly becoming a participant in our little family, rather than just an observer.

It's such a mixed bag of emotions... you want them to stay little so you can nibble those tiny toes, breathe in that baby smell, squeeze all those squishy parts... and yet the lure of "what's next" is there too. The development of a personality, the unfolding of special talents, the exposure of quirky traits. Each moon brings new revelations, new challenges and new joys.

New Moon
On the topic of moons, I gathered with my Moon Sisters on Monday night to welcome the New Moon in Aquarius and the first day of the Chinese New Year. Among our circle of eight were three beautiful growing bellies...
...one of which came all the way from Sweden (at 34 weeks!) for a little juju from the mamas. So we laid it on thick and amidst the dancing candlelight and the smoky, earthy scent of dried sage from smudging, serious intentions were set. And so we go forth into this new lunar cycle, full of promise and with a hearty dose of magic.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

it was a doozie alright. round two of ju ju tomorrow... good luck with your three P's (intentions, that is).

Anonymous said...

Love those bellies!!!!