Natural Nester Eggs

As the "Natural Nester" it seemed only appropriate to try out some natural Easter egg dyes this year. So at an egg-decorating party for the kids yesterday, hosted by our community crafter The Snail, I brought along four bell jars of tints made from all-natural ingredients. There was cranberry juice (red), boiled lemon peels (yellow), brewed black tea (brown) and boiled spinach leaves (green).

After soaking in the concoctions for about 15 minutes, our eggs began to show a faint hint of color. (Most directions say to soak them overnight for best results...but being at a party, we did not have this option.) Soon, our efforts to go all-natural gave way to the need for pretty colors, fast! Luckily, there was a wide selection of other materials, ranging from traditional Paas egg decorating kits to acrylic paint.

Selby dug right in (literally - look at her hands). She used a toothbrush to flick paint on some eggs for a natural, speckled appearance. On others, she created a batik-like finish using a combination of dye and paint.

I'm pleased to report we returned to our nest with a gorgeous selection of eggs that are nature-inspired, if not naturally-colored!


gana said...

egg-cellent indeed. ;) (you like how i stole your word) can't wait for the next reason to have a kid decorating party... those are my favs. :)

Michelle said...

They eggs look great. Thank you so much for the idea of natural dyes... I'd like to try that with out children.

Liz ~ A Natural Nester said...

Michelle - I'd try some of the more potent "dye" options like red wine, beet juice and coffee for the best results... Good luck! I'd love to see your eggs.