Day 25 :: Joy (Part 1)

"One joy scatters a hundred griefs." - Chinese Proverb

Over the weekend, I went to see Julie & Julia with two dear ladies in my life. One of the things I loved about the movie was how Julia Child was portrayed to live with such JOY! Played by Meryl Streep, Julia seemed to dive full force into life, reveling in its pleasures and just skimming over its disappointments. She obviously found great joy in cooking and eating good food, but she also embraced happiness though the love she shared with her husband and through a dear friendship she experienced with a pen pal. She even seemed to find humor, and the underlying joy it can offer, in life's less gratifying moments.

I want to cultivate this attitude of joy. I can see how it links to compassionate living, for when you're happy, it's much easier to share happiness with others. And helping others achieve happiness is the ultimate goal of compassion.

So in the spirit of Julia Child, I'm putting some attention on being more joyful. I shall try and impart some levity to my days through good humor, playfulness and laughter. I shall try and notice and seek out more everyday delights, more simple pleasures. And I shall try and appreciate the happy gratification these moments bring. I do hope you will join me!


Rose said...

Mais oui! Bien sur! J'adore Julia Child! Quelle joie de vivre! Quelle inspiration elle est....

Anonymous said...

FABULOUS post. JOY is something I'm cultivating in my life and is so vital to truly LIVING. Thanks for a great blog.

eringoodman said...

thank you for this my friend!!!

i just watched the trailer...looks like a fabulous movie!!!

joy! joy! joy! joy! joy! joy! joy!

SwedeLife said...

A song for you! Joyful, girl.