This Never Gets Old

The mamas returned to Shell Beach today after a couple weeks off to get settled into new routines. Things had changed a bit. A long-missed, gentle breeze swept in from the Gulf. A few more crispy leaves rested on the white sand.
There were no boys hanging from the trees, waving stick-swords and hollering. There were no girls squealing in delight upon finding snails in the rocks, or riding the "big" waves.
Instead, just mamas and babes cycling from blankets to sand to water. Eating. Dreaming. Playing. Remembering.

Happy babes exploring their worlds and words with abandon. Relaxed mamas chatting it up, letting a few of those words you'd never dare utter in front of the big kiddos slip right out.
In a time filled with change, I felt a familiar peace settle over me there in our place. And it's stayed with me all day long.


Kangaroo said...

I so wish I had been there. Snot and sand don't mix too well though. Next week...(hear that Universe?)

Rose said...

Glad to hear the beach did its magic on you! Unfortunately it was an insanely crazy day for us.

Here's to more baby beach days!!

eringoodman said...

just beautiful liz!!!!

happy weekend to you...