It's Just the Way I Roll!

I drive a minivan. Yep, a bona fide Toyota Sienna Swagger Wagon. I roll through my suburban neighborhood and the school parking lot, looking just like all the other GenXer moms who've traded hip for utility. But I've been wondering lately, if I pushed the nifty automatic open button on the back door of those other minivans... would they look like mine inside?
Here's a peek inside mine after my morning rounds one day. The back is loaded with pollinator plants from the local native plants nursery for my girls' classroom butterfly gardens (and of course a few finds for myself). One row up, the middle seats are stacked with reusable bags filled with local produce, milk, and eggs from the farm market. And up front, sitting on the console by my seat is a pickle jar full of mosquito fish for my pond - a gift from the owner of the nursery. Scattered next to the jar is my sun hat and a stack of seeds. Seriously, does anyone else roll like this?
About a week later, the back of my mom-mobile was filled again. No, not with kids or soccer equipment. This time it was piled up with straw for mulching my home garden, hay for the bunnies, bunny food, some more plants for the classroom gardens, a new hose and some hardware... you get the picture.
I'm pretty sure when we chose this vehicle we had something else in mind, like easy access for the kids and family camping trips. But really, I can't think of a better suited vehicle for all my suburban homestead hauling than a minivan! Oh yeah, I've got pride in my ride...
What about you.... how do YOU roll? (Please, somebody tell me I'm not alone!)


catching caterpillars said...

I love the way you roll!!! we are totally digging our minivan and yes, ours looks like that a lot of times too... plus full of couches, chairs, buckets, for fun photoshoots... amazing how much you can fit in them! maybe even a campout one day! WOW, little fishies... now that's a new one... I must try... pretty sure there was a run away frog in ours yesterday... and a cricket or two... plus or minus a few mosquitos and spiders... all part of the fun!

Rose said...

As homeschoolers, the back of our van might contain a microscope, journals, binoculars, backpacks, a cooler, books, beach bag, bicycles, or anything else under the sun!

Michelle Cusolito said...

He He. Looks like the back of my Prius each spring. The garden center always ask if I want plastic to protect my car. Heck No! Plastic? Mud in my car is just fine...

dytudtyujdytdgh said...