Garden Lessons

I've been spending a lot of time in my garden this spring, digging in the dirt, breathing in the orange blossoms, feeling the warm sun on my shoulders. My garden is small... living in the suburbs, I have limited land, so I've planted little plots here and there (all along the pool cage in the backyard, a small raised bed in the grass, beside the front walk, and so forth). It's not ideal. But every time I observe the beauty or abundance my garden produces despite its non-idealistic and imperfect nature, I learn a little more about acceptance.I remember to live fully and deeply right where I'm at. This is so good. 
All year-round, the lessons keep coming... this spring, only one brussel sprout plant made it, producing these tiny little sprouts. Roasted with garlic and olive oil, a dash of balsamic vinegar, and a sprinkling of salt & pepper, they were savored. Over five months of nurturing went into one dish. Patience and appreciation are cultivated alongside more acceptance.
A deep sense of gratitude comes with each harvest. The greens are abundant, enjoyed with sweet, crisp sugar snap peas, and spicy nasturtium blossoms. Fresh herbs delight the senses, redefining pleasure on a foundational level.
All this and more from a simple, haphazard little plot of land. My garden serves as a daily reminder not to wait for the perfect time or the perfect place...joy is right HERE, right NOW. Go ahead and dig deep into it!


SwedeLife said...

Love this!

Unknown said...

So beautifully put into words- Gratitude is so essential... Gorgeous pictures too! Loving the vibrant colors of a Florida spring! Blessings, Jaime from Co.